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My Notes Common Dashboard And Tool Grid

My Notes Dashboard

The My Notes dashboard aggregates all of the learner's, peer's and instructor's annotations under one view. Here learners can review their notes as well as their instructor's and peer commentaries across all the annotation exercises within the course. By expanding each note (clicking [+] ) learners can read the notes or link back to the original annotated fragment item.

This is the same dashboard grid found at the bottom of every annotation tool installation within the edX coursewear pages. The only difference is that it only displays the annotations corresponding to the individual tool instance.

Searching Annotations

Grid search bar expanded

Learners can also search the annotations based on three distinct search fields: by user name, by tag name, or term/s within the text of the annotation.

You can choose to display either text, image or video annotations, by clicking on the corresponding tab (see image below).

My notes search detail


Displaying annotations

More bar
The annotations are listed in chronological order, the most recent at top. The dashboard grid displays up to 50 annotation at a time. If more than 50 annotations are available in the database, you can load them b clicking on the "More" grey bar at the bottom of grid (note: the "More" bar will not show once all the annotations have been loaded).

Activating the My Notes tab

To add the My Notes tab to your course you will need to install it under the Manual Policy Definition Advanced Module List for your course settings by adding "notes". For more info on how to do this please visit the the Setup page

Adnaced settiongs



Known Issues