Last modified: February 08 2015 16:45:05.

Annotation Tools for Teaching, Learning and Research


These annotation tools offer multiple means of engagement with the edX course material and introduce new models of online, peer-to-peer and student-instructor interactions inside the platform. Digital annotation tools allow contextual commentaries and conceptual tagging of media fragments within MOOCs, thereby transforming the unidirectional delivery of the online course content.

Text Annotation Tool

text annotation tool screenshot

Image Annotation Tool

image annotation tool screenshot

Video Annotation Tool

video annotation tool screenshot

Here are instructions on how to install and operate three annotation/tagging tools, using one comon interface, to add media-rich commentaries to text passages, video clips, and high definition images (with deep-zoom), inside the edX platform. All annotations can be aggregated under one section of the platform, the My Notes page, where students can browse and review their own notes, as well as the instructors’ and peer contributions. All notes maintain hyperlinks to their original annotated fragment on the corresponding page of origin. To install the tools in your course please visit the Setup page.